The Mali Situation - US and UK

The Mali Situation - US and UK

Mali the French speaking country located on the continent of Africa once home to several pre-colonial Empires the landlocked arid western country of Mali is one of the largest on the continent, for centuries it's northern city of Timbuktu was a key regional trading post and center of Islamic culture

In 2013 the French government intervened with their military request of the Mali government phone the capture of the town of Corona and its troops overran

Fighters from Al-Qaeda and Islamic state backed groups conducting coordinated attacks and carving out a mutually agreed upon area of influence strip of land beneath the Sahara desert the Rural territory at risk is so large it said it can fit multiple Afghanistan's and multiple Iraq's inside

This isn't just random acts of violence under a banner of terrorism but a deliberate campaign that is trying to bring these various groups toward a common cause, with increasingly sophisticated tactics in recent months as they're routed deeper into Mali attacking military facilities, military convoys, infrastructure and dominating villages with surprising force.

In an attempt to avoid heat from the UN terrorist organisations in Mali are not declaring the caliphate, this has been assessed as an attempt to buy time to train and gather Force deadly intentions of force projection.

It's been assessed there are over 2000 Fighters in an Al-Qaeda Coalition, the defense minister of Mali has said “ this cancer will spread far beyond here if we don't fight together to end it”.

UK and us troops totaling around 6000 offer intelligence, drone support and mentoring. Have been warned by the French which has about 4500 troops to stay in the battle an urgent other European powers step up.

Islamic state and enemies in Syria and Yemen alliances in West Africa tend to be more fluid, bolstered by tribal ties & practical concerns rather than ideology.

US officials have long worried about the possibility of Alliances between the world's most notorious terrorist organisations, both groups are undergoing changes and leadership.

The evolution of terrorism more organised, more mobile attacks are on the rise and the professionalism of the attacks is increasing.

Terrorist groups see an opportunity to drill Islamic values into one of the youngest and fastest growing populations on Earth aiming to shape new fundamentalist societies no art, no popular music, no sport or modern education.

Terrorists recruit use in the variable countryside with stacks of cash or at gunpoint after burning villages they provoke ethnic feuds then offer protection slipping through borders from one country to the next.

The real question is is Mali the new Afghanistan? can the UK and US commit troops to fight terrorist organisations what looming pressure from Russia along the Estonian border?