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Hi Guys,

Welcome to the first installment of the Coffee Corner, were just going to set the tone by discussing some world news while your enjoying your morning  coffee, apologies for the delivery its going to be in squaddie language, no offence intended.



Coronavirus cases are soring 23,049 cases identified as of 24/03/2020, with 1,812 deaths and a pretty impressive 8,376 people recovered from the virus, we say this because, certain principles of hygiene have been royally fucked off, and crazy cunts are licking the Masumeh holy shrine in Qom.

Two men in Iran who defied coronavirus health warnings could be jailed and were beaten after videos circulated of them licking holy shrines. One of the men made a statement to the press "I'm not scared of coronavirus" seconds before licking and kissing the shrine.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said earlier on 11th March 2020 there are no plans to quarantine entire cities and towns, however a swift U-turn has been made and the closure of schools, and other public facilities.

the Iranian military swept towns/cities to improve sanitation and check Iranians for the virus.

So there we have it poor hygiene, coupled with not conforming with the rest of planet earths health advice can only do your country good, well done present Hassan!


The number of COVID-19 cases in Iraq rose to 266 as of today, according to the country's health minister, but is most likely worse or going to get worse, a Iraqi spokes person made mention in a news conference that Iraq is successfully fighting the virus compared to France, Italy and the U.K. and said the country has received support from China, It is wild to believe that Iraq are responding better to the outbreak than France!

But what do we know, what we can tell you is civilian contractors currently over in Iraq have been told to expect heavy delays, as the UK have suspended flights to other countrys for up to 31 days.

Iraq reported its 23rd COVID-19 death today, despite its efforts to sanitize places of worship.


Downtown Kabuls posh western quarters are usually lively and full of young people heading to cafes, markets and more recently to sprawling sauna parlous to enjoy rare relaxed moments in steaming hamams [Turkish baths] and sparkling swimming pools. But for the past couple of weeks, there has been an evident drop in visitors, shocking to believe I know!

There is a sense that the Afghan people possibly the most switched on in the region, are bracing for impact with their neighboring country Iran licking fucking gates and not giving a shit, Pakistan have even had the cheek to close there border between the two countries.

Strangely the Afghan government hasnt published any statistics reference COVID-19, however other sources report 22 cases of COVID-19 in the country. To be fair the split second cease fire between the Taliban and coalition is probably a lot for them to deal with at the moment.


Health officials in the already battered country have announced the first case for COVID-19, thought to have been brought into the country by a woman in her 20's traveling back to Syria. The woman has been placed in isolation for 14 days, while other measures have been put in place.

The Syrian government have placed a ban on public transport, closed schools, restaurants, parks and has even paused the Syrian Armies Conscription (that's when you know shits bad).