Iran Iraq Pseudo Operations

Iran Iraq Pseudo Operations

Since the dawn of time, man has always looked for avenues to show strength. All of which are evident in ancient stories with nations going to battle other nations in a bid to acquire minerals, weapons, land, etc.... This quest and display of power often come at a cost (massive loss of lives). With that said, man’s desire to be better and powerful has created massive armed conflicts which known to be responsible for lots of deaths, ruining families as well as economies.

But also improving economies and making other nations rich in minerals not to mention slightly safer by destroying/preoccupying enemy force projection abilities.

Pseudo Operations:

Unlike most tactics, the pseudo operations are deployed as a conservative scheme and a measure of a total count-insurgency strategy. Such operations deploy a counter insurgent force, designed to mirror insurgent forces, to infiltrate civilian communities as well as operational areas camouflaged as insurgents. These measures come to the fold as a ploy to cultivate background information on insurgents. As well as obtaining tactical operational facts upon which to act, while bringing force to bear on the insurgents.

This has been used in the Rhodesian Bush War, Russia Ukraine conflict and most recently in Iraq by Iranian security forces.

Pseudo Operations: The Goals

Taking to mind the availability of a wide array of military operations designed for specific uses, the pseudo operation isn’t any different. However, it is unique in its own right. This, of course, is evident in its missions to:

  • Disperse tactical operational information to friendly tactical units.
  • Destroy insurgent political infrastructures.
  • Penetrate, isolate and eliminate insurgent forces.
  • Gain information.

Issues in Iraq with Iranian Pseudo Operations:

With the advent of the current issues plaguing the Iraqi people, many measures are been discussed to bring a lasting solution to the armed conflicts, which has taking lots of live and properties. One nation playing a key role to restore peace in this nation’s post- Ba'ath development other the US is Iran. This is evident as Iran is on the forefronts of making and bringing Iraq back to her former glory. All of which is evident from the following:

  • Providing support in dire national infrastructure.
  • supplying weapons/tactics to disrupt coalition forces.
  • Advising and assisting local militia.

The relationship between Iran and Iraq runs dipper than mare politics. This is evident as both nations share ethnic, linguistic as well as religious links with millions of Iraqi Shi`a. Engineered by positive connections and friendship, Iran is today regarded as one of the stabilizing factors or forces in Iraq. This is of course with its interests largely aligned with those of the Western mission

  • Concern about the insurgency
  • Resistance to ISIS
  • Weakening ISIS trade (oil, narcotics, human trafficking etc...)

Pseudo Operations: How It Affects the World

The relationship that exists between Iraqi militia and Iran is one of friendship. However, and with the advent of new findings, Iran may have secondary motives, one that may put the Iraq people to their knees and possibly trigger a war. Some findings opine that Iranian-made ammunition's are making their way into Afghanistan, with proof of the weapons visible for all to see on militia fighters. All of which has gone a long to raise eyebrows about Tehran’s overall strategy in Iraq.

This just goes to show to the world the concerns of General Stanley A. McChrystal. Sited in his report published in August 2009. To him, Iran’s intentions towards Iraq and Afghanistan is ambiguous and devilish. While the world and the Iraqi people see foreign aid, the Iranian government is using this platform to smuggle weapons to Iraq.

Such good deeds marred by ill intentions are recipes for disaster and of course, one that can break trust, love, peace and of course trigger bloody conflicts like no other.

"Love and good intentions are all we need to make the world a better place for everyone” -  Elon Musk


Article written by: Nwangeh Wohking for Bravo Company Coffee