The mercenary pair known as the Sangin Sniper, little is known about the pair publicly, but it is suspected through ICOM chatter and J2 that they were a chechnyan employed by the Taliban insurgency in Sangin, Helmand Province during Op Herrick in August 2010.

The pair are responsible for the killing of the US Marine on the 13th August 2010, SSgt Bock after he dismounted from his AFV (armoured fighting vehicle) no more than 100m from a secure location.

The day after on the 14th August 2010, the pair shot at another US Marine, Cpl Kessinger hitting him in his torso, where his body armour prevented the round from harming him.

On the 15th August 2010, the pair fired at another US Marine LCpl Simpson, the round ricocheted off a tank, and hit but did not penetrate his helmet. The pair fired at another US Marine Cpl Linn hitting him innthe leg where he was quickly pulled into cover.

The coalition responded by deploying USSF and UKSF counter sniper teams to find, fix and strike the pair who were causing growing concerns in area.

Further J2 lead to the location and close surveillance by USSF and UKSF of approx six mercenary snipers working in the area, including the Sangin Sniper pair, it was soon after this a decision was made to strike the mercenary group by means of JDAM (joint direct attack munitions).

It has been reported that this group moved freely by chosing not to carry their kit and equipment, instead the equipment on many occasions would be placed in a wheelbarrow and pushed to a chosen location by a unsuspecting child, as not to raise suspicion.

Other incident including a French female sniper who was employed by the taliban to disrupt the ISAF mission, resulted in UKSF intervention.