Despite what we would all like to happen to these bunch of grade A turds, ISIS are still very much in the game and their still a threat.

In the latest installment of the “al-Naba” the terrorist organisations newsletter has highlighted its new directive is to avoid Europe completely until the whole COVID-19 situation clears up. And travel advice believe it or not even ISIS are asking their turds to remain in the Levant and work over the phone from home, and even gives guidance on cleaning ISIS facilities recommending everyone wash there hands and use three parts water to on part bleach when spring cleaning.

ISIS COVID-19 Guidelines:

  • Avoid Europe
  • Self Isolate 
  • Cover the mouth when yawning and sneezing
  • Wash hands before dipping them in vessels

ISIS also instructs its people that are currently in Europe not to travel, in an attempt to isolate its fighters and prevent further infection of its cells.

Congratulations to Mullah Jusef ibn Ali Talib, who is the first COVID-19 case within the terrorist organisation.

Due to a mixed effort ISIS has lost a horrendous amount of ground across MENA after a series of operations forcing the from population centers, however remains active in Iraq/Syria in fragmented groups, and has franchised cells worldwide.

With two of the groups leaders being waxed by coalition forces, the organisations vacuum is filled rapidly, at most temporarily disrupting the organisation, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi the organisations founder and 30 year old Jordanian got the good news via 500lb guided missile dropped on his safe house.

And Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who took control of the organisation upon Zarqawi's death fled down a series of tunnels during a raid, detonating a suicide vest killing himself and two children.

Will we ever defeat ISIS? If history is anything to go by the answers probably not! And if there ever was a chance of that COVID-19 is probably it.

The theory of targeting terrorists and their networks brings only temporary success, as experts urge that the answer to this long and difficult question a strategy to focus on discrediting the ideology that attracts would be attackers.<

While Eric Prince former Blackwater CEO and Navy Seal, forwards plans to Trump to privatize the Afghan war, highlighting short falls that coalition troops have faced since the invasion, a lot of people are against war profiteering however makes sense for a money/goal motivated private organisation to get the job done.

Its only fair to mention that previous private companies have delivered where the UN have failed, for example Executive Outcomes with the Angola and Sierra Leon situation,this saw a private company rich with military experience, with the correct kit and equipment ended two wars.

A personal favorite, book by Simon Mann available on amazon called “Cry Havoc” talks about Executive Outcomes and the situation in Equatorial Guinea, but also provides a case study for the positive impact of privatizing war.

The topic of privatizing war is up for debate, will coalition armies be raped of good blokes,that are under paid, looking to chase war and money? Or could it work?

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