American Civil War II & Antifa's CHAZ

American Civil War II & Antifa's CHAZ

Over the past ten/fifteen years we’ve seen the destabilisation of governments and the outbreak of civil war, arguably some have been in the interest of Western powers, however the goings on in the United States of America has got peoples balls twitching worldwide.

We can argue the cause of the unrest in the United States of America all day long, blaming Donald Trump, the economic down turn caused by the lockdown during COVID19 or even the malpractices of police forces, but is that the true cause?

What is the attraction of creating the self declared Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) A collection of six blocks of Seattle, Washington blocked off from city, with armed guards, gangs policing the area conducting kangaroo courts and street justice.

Demanding rent control, the reversal of gentrification and the defunding of police. However they do want more funding of community health, the release of prisoners serving time for Marijuana related offences or people who resisted arrest, wiping their criminal records clean.

Reactions to CHAZ are varied, Donald Trump referred to it as “ugly anarchists” and called for the governor and mayor of Washington to “take back” the zone. Local police are poking at different approaches to deal with the issue, but is it to late.

July 4th 2020 a group known as “American Patriots” have been planning to retake CHAZ, more than 15,000 people showing interest in the event as they vow to “free the people and tear down illegal roadblocks”, local businesses report of extortion, attacks and acts of terrorism directed at then by the Antifa group.

This has occurred off the back of the killing of George Floyd on 25th May 2020, where chaos ensued on London defacing war memorials and causing public disorder, BCC had guys on the ground taking the brunt of abuse from protesters, while Asian students cleaned the graffiti from the Churchill memorial, located in Parliament Square.
Although the true cause of disorder is that of outrage, it has been bloodied by a hatred for the government, racial tensions, etc.. These protests are taking place in countries where police brutality has never even been an issue or racial equality is a problem.

The United Kingdom has suffered major scrutiny for our links with the United States of America, are social values changing? Are we in a culture where we can persecute a generation for the actions generations past committed? Or are we living in a time where sparking controversial arguments on Facebook Live is the new thing?

Either way It’s challenging times ahead as the divide in society is ever growing, where social terrorism is the weapon of choice to oppose political views, leaving us at an all time high of vulnerability.

It is no secret that Russia and China dabble in proxy war arming and assisting, cyber attacks. At a time like now could we be more susceptible to an attack with the intention to destabilise the government, or a asymmetric terror attack.